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About us

Our Team

Matt Stormoen


Matt Stormoen, founder of PureFocus, oversees the agency’s direction and is the lead strategic resource that drives the success of clients’ digital campaigns. With over 15 years of online experience, Matt has cultivated a system of creative thinking, analytics, and technical expertise that have proven to deliver the right message at the right time, on the right digital platform.

Zsolt Rabi


Zsolt is the Chief Technology Officer and leads the PureFocus development team. A seasoned software architect, Zsolt’s expertise is building scalable, distributed systems with robust data sets. He is leading the PureFocus platform into the next era of Machine Learning & AI. When not working Zsolt enjoys spending time hiking, and enjoying the beautiful city of Budapest.

Craig Streaman

VP Operations

As the VP of Operations, Craig is responsible for client strategy and overseeing campaign execution. As a data-driven marketer he is tasked with uncovering insights from the vast amount of digital data collected. With over 10 years experience, he has been a leader in the online space and featured in several publications. When not online, craig enjoys spending time with his dog Goose.


Our vision is simple: information is readily available, the methods and techniques have been proven, what sets us apart is our never ending focus on outworking & outsmarting the competition. We sweat the details, in the online space competition is fierce and to get our clients to the top requires a passionate commitment to knowledge expansion. If you are a competitor at heart, with dedication and determination, contact us to learn more about the PureFocus team and how you can contribute.