What We Do

PURE FOCUS is a Los Angeles Digital Marketing Agency. We create and execute digital strategies that engage your customers with a consistent brand message – across multiple devices - by employing innovative techniques that focus on one thing; Maximizing ROI.

Our cross-channel expertise drives our unique approach to media selection & budget allocation. Leveraging our experience across paid media drives better decisions with earned media, and the lessons learned from owned media provide answers that refine the paid media. Everything we do is measured by one metric; Revenue.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the most cost-effective way to gain visibility and market share. Used strategically, SEO not only drives new visitors but also qualifies prospective customers.

At Pure Focus, Search Engine Optimization is an evolving solution. We keep watch over your online presence and use our proven methodology to maximize your competitive advantage. Our long-term approach to SEO drives sustainable traffic gains, attracts new customers, expands your online visibility, and encourages repeat visitors.

Paid Search (PPC) is a quick and efficient pathway to maximize your digital marketing potential. With customers seeing over 3000 brand impressions per day, it’s critical that paid search campaigns deliver the right message, at the right time, on the right device.

Our experience managing large, complex PPC campaigns – combined with the latest tools – enable us to quickly identify the strengths and weaknesses of any paid search campaign. Using a discovery-based approach we unlock new opportunities through enhanced customer segmentation, messaging & creative testing, and landing page optimization. In short, we amplify the strengths and eliminate the weaknesses.

Social Engagement gets customers talking and converts them into advocates for your brand. Social Media Marketing not only provides product and service exposure, it offers an opportunity to control your brand experience & perception. Learn more about our Social & Content at Mobibi

While Social has exploded in popularity, understanding how to use it effectively presents a challenge. At Pure Focus, we bring the Social expertise and market savvy to engage your target audience and deliver a clean, concise message that resonates with your audience and builds brand loyalty.

Managing your online Reputation is paramount in today’s digital world.  With the use of review and ratings sites on the rise, one misstep with a customer – or even worse, a false or inaccurate statement – can lead to a loss of revenue and consumer trust.

At Pure Focus, we take a tactical approach to repairing tarnished reputation by creating a custom solution that provides sustained results.  More importantly, through our proactive protection process, we help brands safeguard their reputation – regardless of trade or industry – from negative attacks before they happen.

Content Marketing has gained tremendous momentum and is now considered a pillar of strong digital marketing campaigns.  Not only do search engines look favorably upon fresh, relevant content, but so do consumers who seek to build trust by scouring blogs, ratings, reviews, videos, and images before making a purchase.

Pure Focus can help build your brand by creating a custom content marketing strategy that engages your target customer.  Using our proprietary Content Marketing Tool, our staff of writers and editors will curate content for your business from writing blog posts to white papers – and syndicating your content to appropriate publishers around the web.

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Why It Works

Effective collaboration gets results. We approach client relationships as true partnerships, so we begin to think like you, to understand your target audience, and to effectively engage your target market.

Together, we get to the core of your business, aligning our digital expertise with your extensive brand knowledge to offer your customers an experience as unique as they are. We analyze online behaviors just as much as we analyze your code – to build a connection between your audience and your company objectives.

Strategize &

Customers Are Changing. Stay One Step Ahead. Innovation begins with a digital strategy that cuts through the clutter, builds connections with customers, and quickly responds to changing market conditions.

Our approach strengthens your message across all media channels, regardless of device, location, or time of day. This seamless customer experience results in greater brand affinity and optimal ROI.

Inventive. Cohesive. Nimble.

When representing your brand, we see the big picture. We've been in the trenches, with many years of practice – creating, implementing, and optimizing digital strategies.

Our experience spans industries, verticals, and channels. We've worked with companies of all shapes and sizes – from large Fortune 500 clients to start-ups looking to establish an online footprint. We unlock ROI using strategies and media channels that work to meet your unique objectives.


There are key strategies, techniques, and methods that are proven to succeed. We know them all. What sets us apart is how we integrate them to exceed the expected measures of success.

We do what we say. We believe in what we do. With every detail carefully considered and every action taken with purpose, we’re partners in your success and we stand by our performance.


Knowledge is power. If past is prologue, learning from history can produce insightful strategies that result in future growth.

We practice continuous improvement - from massive changes to incremental advancements, our work is never done. Always optimizing, always growing. We like a challenge, but then again who doesn't?


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How It's Done


Research is about uncovering new opportunities and achieving a better ROI. We first seek to gain understanding of your digital history. How your customers are finding you, what's important to them, and how we can improve the customer experience. This provides a high-level snapshot of your digital health. This sets the foundation.


The best defense is a great offense. Pro-active planning ensures consistency, which improves performance across all media channels.

Our hand-crafted digital strategies are approached as an operational schematic. Every pixel counts, every click is counted, and throughout the planning we ensure that your strategy is crafted with precision. Consistency, creativity, and thoughtful planning create successful digital campaigns.


Performance Measurement provides critical feedback to reveal what's working and what's not, But data overload can paralyze decision making.

Insightful Analytics should answer questions and offer decision makers a clear picture of business performance. Key data points should be at your fingertips. It removes subjectivity and allows impactful, data driven decisions to be made quickly and efficiently.


We're here to facilitate your understanding of the digital strategy we've created and its many methods, channels, and processes. While competition, creation, and achieving your goals is our driving force. We know it's equally important to have everyone on the same page.

We're your partner not only in digital, but in business. Our open and transparent communication creates a clear mission that's easily understood. This drives action, execution, and results.


Knowledge is power, but possession of the raw materials is inadequate. Technical knowledge and human psychology must be met with an equally powerful intuitive ability to master the digital world.

Challenges create the opportunity for growth, for you (and for us) to rise to the occasion. We know that in order to create effective optimization strategies, our team must employ technical, creative, linguistic, and behavioral expertise at the same time. We hold ourselves to a higher standard, as do our clients.

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About Us

We live by the motto Little Details equal BIG Results. We take a channel agnostic approach to digital marketing. Our focus is efficiency, refinement, and innovation. We believe there is always room for improvement. Always space to expand. Our strategies are unique, have a defined purpose, and reach customers across multiple devices. Our approach engages your customers, and creates an online experience that strengthens your brand. It's a blend of art and science, technical and creative. A cohesive digital strategy.

Every pixel counts
Every click is counted

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Marketing Analyst

Create, implement, and monitor day-to-day performance of digital campaigns for well known brands. Candidates should have strong Excel skills and a solid understanding of financial concepts such as return on investment.

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Copy Writer

We're looking for great copy writers. If you can evoke emotion through writing, mix metaphors and hypotheticals to tell a story, and possess a sharp clever writing style we'd like to hear from you.

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Intelligence Analyst

As a Business Intelligence, you'll analyze campaign data to identify new opportunities. The BI Analyst position involves deep data analysis, creative thinking, and strong excel skills.

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Matt Stormoen


Matt oversees the agency’s direction and is the lead strategic resource that drives the success of clients’ digital campaigns. With over 13 years of online experience, Matt has cultivated the system of creative thinking, analytics, and technical expertise that drive the Pure Focus methodology.

Andrew Latimer


Andrew brings 18 years software development, application architecture, and project management experience to Pure Focus. Andrew works with clients to develop and optimize technology infrastructure. Andrew earned his B.S. in Engineering and MBA from San Diego State University.

Ashley Broersma

Creative Director

Ashley delivers what we consider to be the hallmark of our business - - structured creativity. She is a valued resource for branding, improving online messaging, social media initiatives, digital assessment and analysis, and helping clients navigate the complex web of digital channels.

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